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Why You Need An Event Technologist

Key Takeaways:

  1. Events are a crucial part of business and can reach broader audiences and boost a company’s presence.
  2. Virtual and hybrid events have become quite popular due to their ability to capture more registrants than formal events.
  3. Technologists specialize in the technical aspects of event planning and execution, from audio-visual design to website management.
  4. They are responsible for carrying out all the technical aspects of an event, from managing online streaming to troubleshooting any issues arising during the show.
  5. Integrating them has many benefits, including developing audience engagement strategies, setting up equipment, designing aesthetics, automating processes, improving live experiences with technology, securing success, and keeping events up-to-date.

From conferences to grand opening ceremonies, events play an integral role in the success of businesses and organizations. With companies worldwide adapting to changing consumer behaviors and seeking new ways of engaging with customers, virtual and hybrid events have quickly become popular options. Virtual events can capture more registrants (almost three times) than traditional events.

Hosting these events can provide the perfect platform for creative engagement while enabling you to reach wider audiences and boost your business’ presence in the digital world. Whether you’re a business owner looking to use this innovative strategy, or a marketing department on the hunt for new ideas, hosting virtual and hybrid events will undoubtedly bring value-added benefits!

With higher stakes and more intricate details than ever, planning the events can quickly become overwhelming without help from a specialist. Enter the event technologist—an expert who can ensure all your technical needs are taken care of smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Event Ready dives deep into the role and discusses why engaging them is essential for your next event!

What is an Event Technologist?

You might be wondering what’s all the fuss about an event technologist. They specialize in the technical aspects of event planning and execution, including expert technical advice, services, and products to ensure your event runs smoothly.

They are responsible for carrying out the technical aspects of an event, managing online streaming, troubleshooting the issues, assisting with technical setup, creating content, and monitoring feedback from virtual attendees.

Responsibilities of an Event Technologist

So, what exactly is an Event Technologist responsible for? Let’s look at a few of their responsibilities.

  1. Pre-event setup and preparation, including audio-visual design, registration system installation, etc. 
  2. The technologist ensures that everything is optimized for the best performance by building and managing the event website – from design to SEO optimization.
  3. Managing network security – ensuring that all your data is secure and protected throughout the event. 
  4. Troubleshooting technical problems onsite – ensuring unforeseen technical issues can be quickly resolved without disrupting the event proceedings.
  5. Post-event support – providing support after the event to ensure all systems run smoothly and checking if any feedback can be used to improve future events.

Benefits of Hiring an Event Technologist

1. Developing Audience Engagement Strategies

The technologists will devise creative ways to engage audiences in physical and virtual events. It could be anything from setting up interactive polls to integrating live Q&A sessions during the show.

2. Setting Up Equipment and Troubleshooting Technical Issues

Whether it’s connecting audio equipment or checking for compatibility issues, event technologists will be able to ensure your stage setup runs smoothly and safely. If there are any technical hiccups during the event, a technologist is there to troubleshoot them quickly to minimize disruption.

3. Designing Aesthetics of the Event Space

They help create a visually impressive space that’ll draw in guests with attractive lighting and engaging visuals. Creativity is vital to creating something memorable that fits the brand and event theme.

4. Automating Processes and Optimizing Efficiency

Technologists ensure the event runs like clockwork by automating many of the processes. Through automation, the setup process is reduced significantly, which saves time and resources for everyone involved in the event. Also, this makes it much easier for staff to manage tasks as they’ll know what needs to be done – from where each item should be placed to when specific tasks need completing!

5. Improving Live Experiences with Technology

Technology can significantly improve any live experience, bringing greater interactivity. A technologist can advise on the best technology and platforms to use, which will help ensure that all have a great experience. Technology can also extend your event beyond the physical world, allowing people at home to join in with conversations or activities.

6. Securing Your Event’s Success

Technologists know how important any event is for running smoothly and safely – from avoiding technical glitches during presentations to handling security breaches on entry. They’ll be aware of the various risks associated with an event. And they will also have a plan in place should anything go wrong so that you can rest assured that everything is taken care of without a hitch!


7. Keeping Your Event Up-To-Date

Finally, they will also be responsible for keeping up with the latest technology trends and ensuring that your event takes full advantage of them. It means implementing cutting-edge technologies to keep your guests happy and stay ahead of new industry developments. With their expertise and vigilance, you can ensure that your events are running smoothly and take advantage of all opportunities presented by the latest tech. Besides you can also consult with them regarding the usage and handling of custom software specifically for your event.

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In short, having an event technologist on board is a must if you want to ensure success at any gathering or meeting. Not only do they take care of all the technical aspects leading up to and during an event – from audio-visual setup to security protocols. But they also help keep it all running smoothly with their experience.

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