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What Counts As Poor Venue Sourcing For Meetings & Conferences?

While we throw about words like poor venue sourcing, & venue sourcing pitfalls to avoid, we realized it sounds a bit too draconian to angle this with such negation. Because, after all, event & conference planning should be fun if you have tech.

But it isn’t. Because there are few things that, if not observed, can end up in a very unconvincing corporate or festival event. Atlanta is very festive, yet you must have had your fair share of poorly selected venues that hardly deliver the message, despite the hype.

Event Ready offers a plethora of technology-backed event registration & planning solutions; we have some critical bits of in-the-field advice if you need an event executed to perfection.

What Factors Need Consideration for An Event Venue?

  1. You have to consider guest-to-venue accessibility. Local guests & attendees mean a central venue in the city, while international sponsors & guests source a venue close to their respective hotel. Make sure the locality is not too jammed-packed with traffic either.
  • Ensure the venue has sufficient parking during the event or conference peak hours. Estimate & allocate in advance to avoid inconvenience for the guests. Enlist the services of a professional valet.
  • Confirm attendee volume constantly to assess the size of the venue you will need to book. Have an event management software to automate attendee follow-up for reconfirmation if someone cancels.
  • You need a functional audio/visual setup, WIFI, adequate accommodation for the disabled & elderly, & comfort rooms for every gender or nursing partner.
  • Event flow is critical. You need to align the event phases with the venue capacity & layout for added effect. You need coordination & due delegation of duties to personnel that will herd & assist the attendees & guests. That will help you keep the power lines clear for sensitive conference equipment.
  • Lastly, focus on the conference’s theme & find a venue to match. You can’t enthrall sponsors, corporates, or guests if you can’t embody & project the atmosphere of the event onto them. Theatricality & ambiance is the soul of corporate events.

Can An Event Fail based on Poor Venue Alone?

It does not matter if you have online onboarding, onsite service, digital reservations & layouts, tech sponsors & a spotless marketing campaign. Your event can suffer if your guests & attendees are stuck in traffic, out of parking space, cramped into a hall with limited amenities. And that’s just for physical events. If you’re going VR, be careful that you don’t have an incapacitated server host that crashes at the last minute.

In a nutshell, a lot can go wrong if even one of your event planning objectives fail to deliver, and venue sourcing is just one small part of a whole. Next time we will cover risk mitigation with venue sourcing software!

Suppose you have an April event lined up in Atlanta, GA, and want an improvement upon a disaster of yesteryear. In that case, you can call in the pros at Event Ready to get your conferences, events, & festivals all set up for you. You can get in touch with us for a free demo of our proprietary event management suite today!