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Wedding Reception Floor Plans: How To Choose The Perfect Layout For Your Big Day!

When it comes to wedding reception floor plans, there are many things to consider. How many people will be attending? What kind of ambiance would you enjoy? Will there be a dance floor – disco or plain?

These are just a few questions that an experienced wedding planner will ask you as you plan for the aftermath of your walk down the aisle. That’s where Event Ready comes in to save you the stress of your wedding floor layout woes and help you choose the perfect one for the venue!

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

An experienced wedding planner will have you consider the following factors when planning your wedding:

1. Number of Guests Invited

One of the first factors you need to consider when planning your wedding reception floor plan is the size of your guest list. If you are anticipating a large number of guests, you will need to ensure that your layout can accommodate them. You may not need as much space if you have invited a few guests. A wedding planner will manage the venue, the space and the event for you.

2. The Space & Style of the Venue

Then you will need to consider the special & ambient aspects of the venue when planning a wedding reception. Considering this, you don’t want anyone to feel cramped or uncomfortable. There should be ample space for movement, a wide enough aisle, and if you intend to wed right out in the open, there need to be contingencies for the weather.

3. The Venue’s Atmosphere

Another thing to remember is the type of mood you want to create at your wedding reception. Do you want it to be a formal affair or a more relaxed and fun-filled event? Experienced wedding planners know how to create the perfect ambiance to match the bride & groom’s persona – and you should trust in that!

4. Traffic Flow

Oh, we’re not talking a Beetle with rattling cans in the back just yet!

You have to consider the crowd you will be inviting & stage the venue to allow for a smooth flow of ‘guest traffic’. You will want to ensure a clear path for your guests to move around and plenty of room to mingle and dance!

Layout Options for a Wedding Event

An experienced wedding planner will show you illustrations of various floor layouts. Here are a few options:

1. Traditional Banquet Style

If you are into the whole ‘The Godfather-esque’ genre, then this theme might be perfect. It is a classic theme that is closer to European tradition & culture.

2. Cocktail Style Reception

Imagine tube tops & Hawaiian shirts. It’s a casual layout for a reception if you want something a little more unique. It is trendy as it allows guests to move around freely and mingle.

3. Dance Floor

If you think a dance floor would be a great addition to your wedding reception, you must ensure enough space. Last, you wouldn’t like someone to step on somebody’s toes accidentally!

So, these were a few tips to start planning the perfect wedding floor layout for your big day. Of course, there are infinite possibilities and combinations that an experienced wedding planner can create for you according to your likes and needs. Just enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Ending Note

If you’re still unsure which layout suits you, consult us. Event Ready, serving Chicago, IL, can help you figure out what will work best based on the size and shape of your reception space. With our help, you’ll create a beautiful event that everyone will remember for years!

You can use our interactive floor plan feature to create a perfect layout quickly. Request a free demo to get started. Contact us today. Thanks for reading, and happy wedding!