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Tricks For Planning & Conducting An Ideal Exhibitor-Sponsor Event Over Virtual Platforms

An exhibitor-sponsor event is one of the most popular ways to generate leads, increase brand awareness and promote products. However, in a world where people are more connected than ever before, it’s essential to offer events on-demand and around the clock. This is why exhibitor-sponsor events have been moving from brick-and-mortar buildings into virtual platforms. 

Businesses that want to keep up with their competitors need to learn how to plan and conduct an ideal exhibitor-sponsor event in this new digital space – while keeping all of the same standards established by traditional venues.

Virtual platforms allow exhibitors to be more creative with their booths while also reducing costs on behalf of the sponsor or organizer. On the other hand, exhibitor-sponsor events can be a valuable opportunity for sponsors to reach new customers while strengthening relationships with current ones.

In this blog post, we will go over five tricks for planning and conducting an ideal exhibitor-sponsor event over virtual platforms so you can maximize your ROI!

1. Determine Your Objectives

The first trick is setting your objective(s) before you start planning your exhibitor-sponsor event. Doing so will allow you to focus on what matters most when it comes time to select vendors, speakers, sponsors, and more!

2. Use Social Media Accounts as a Way to Promote Your Event

Social media accounts are a great way to promote exhibitor-sponsor events. Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and post updates about the event as it gets closer. Include information such as where exhibitors or sponsors should go for their exhibitor-sponsor registration, when exhibitors can start setting up, what exhibitors need to participate, etc.

3. Make the Exhibitor Registration Process Easy

With all of your valuable time invested in planning an exhibitor-sponsor event over virtual platforms, you should make exhibitor registration and sponsor registration as easy as possible. One way to do this is by using an event registration or exhibitor registration system. Exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees who do not have to spend a lot of time registering for an exhibitor-sponsor event are more likely to attend.

4. Send Regular Updates Via Email or SMS

When exhibitors and sponsors participate in exhibitor-sponsor events via a virtual platform, you should send regular updates as an event planner. Updates could be forwarded to exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees by email or text message, so everyone is updated on the progress of exhibitor-sponsor events at all times.

5. Keep Things Interactive with Questions or Polls

Since the whole event is conducted virtually, you must make sure exhibitors and sponsors keep things interactive. You can do this by asking exhibitor-sponsor event attendees questions or conducting polls throughout the event to keep everyone engaged.

If you’re planning an event for a Chicago audience, whether virtual or live, there are many decisions to make about how your attendees will experience the content. You can use Event Ready’s cloud-based solutions to streamline registration and payment processing with custom branding options to match any theme.

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