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Top 5 Tips For Choosing An Event Venue

There are many things to consider when choosing a venue for your event.

The size of the venue, historical background or significance, and the equipment present are what people consider. All of this, plus considering your costs, can be pretty overwhelming. Event Ready, serving OrlandoFL, has several years’ experience planning events at all levels. Be it small meetings or large industry gatherings involving hundreds of attendees. We know what works best based on our experiences hosting various events over time. So here are five tips for choosing an event venue. 

Tip 1 – Make Sure the Location is Easily Accessible 

The location of your event should be easy to find. Your guests should not face trouble or ask multiple times for directions, whether locals or visitors. A venue in an urban center or near a train station with plenty of parking nearby is suitable. You can expect those coming from remote places to find it very convenient. They will have no problem getting around during their stay. They can also enjoy some tourist attractions along the way if they are early or should they want to after the event.

Tip 2 – Venue Size and Space Should Be Adequate

You’ll want to find a venue with just the right size and space flexibility. Too small, it will feel crowded; too big – under-attended? Most places provide capacity numbers for each room, so always aim for your event attendance to be slightly below what’s available, never over. And you might consider looking into multiple, different-sized rooms if planning on moving around as registrations come in! This will keep your options open and help you maneuver.

Tip 3 – Audio and Visuals, Catering Are Factors to Consider

The best event venues will have their own catering and audio-visual services. They can provide food or drinks according to your requirements and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to end. Some venues might not offer these amenities but still host larger audiences with third-party catering. But you should head out and choose caterers and audio-visual providers yourself. 

Tip 4 – Pricing and Costs Need to be in Your Favor

When looking for a venue, price should be the deciding factor. Look at venues with competitive rental rates. These include room setups and linens. These save money and ensure all of those critical details are sound. Some places might charge an additional fee because they take care of these details. Don’t let this discourage you! Find out what exactly goes into making up these prices to avoid overloading your budget.

Tip 5 – Keep Yourself in Your Guests’ Shoes

Now we know that’s too many shoes to put your feet in. Think of what kind of experience you would want from being received till being shown out. This will keep your priorities straight and ensure your guests have a good time. 

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