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The Perfect Wedding Floor Plan: Tips & Tricks For Success

Are you thinking about the perfect wedding floor plan? Imagine standing in a beautiful room with all your favorite people around you. You’re surrounded by flowers, colors, and decorations representing who you are as a couple. The music playing is suitable for the mood, and everything feels perfect.

Event Ready has some tips & tricks when it comes to successfully planning out your big day in Dallas, TX!

Tip 1: Determine Your Budget

Wedding expenses are a sensitive topic for most couples. It’s essential to sit down and figure out what you can afford early on in the wedding planning process. This way, you can rule out ideas or venues that don’t fit your budget.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to splurge on a few things that are important to you. After all, it’s your wedding day!

Tip 2: Consider Your Guest List

Another critical part of wedding planning is figuring out your guest list. This will help you determine the size of your venue and how many tables to set up.

It’s also vital to plan out the seating arrangement. You don’t want any awkward pairings! If you have a lot of single friends, for example, you might want to set up an extra table for single guests.

You will also need a certain number of seats for wedding party members and family members, both on the bride’s and groom’s sides! You’ll probably want one or two backup options in case any last-minute guests come in.

Tip 3: What Do You Want to See on the Dance Floor?

The answer to this one is up to you! Do you want an ample open space for people to dance, or do you prefer something more intimate? Maybe you want to be able to see the whole wedding party from one spot on the dance floor.

Whatever your preference, make sure that it’s reflected in your floor plan. You don’t want to have guests standing in the way of the dance floor, and you don’t want to have a bunch of space.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Food!

What’s a celebration without good food?

When planning your floor plan, don’t forget to consider the food. You’ll need space for the buffet line, as well as tables and chairs for the guests.

Don’t shy away from creativity when it comes to food. Offer various options, and consider having multiple serving stations, so guests don’t have to wait in line. This is also helpful if you’re worried about not having enough seating or room for everyone’s favorite dishes.

Tip 5: Delegate Responsibilities

Once you’ve completed your floor plan, start delegating responsibilities. Assign someone to be the contact point for vendors and deliveries throughout the wedding day. You’ll also want to designate a head planner who’s in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.


Those were just a handful of the many steps you can take to perfect your wedding.

Still feeling pressured? Don’t worry; Event Ready is in Dallas, TX, to help. Our experienced planners will work with you to create a floor plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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