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The 10 Ps Of Event Marketing

Key takeaways:

  • Evaluate the best channels to reach your target audience and create a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • You must give special attention to the demonstration and explanation of the product.
  • Selecting the right people to work on and attend your event is essential to its success.
  • Little extras can truly make a difference in the eyes of attendees.
  • Choose a location that is easily accessible and inviting.

There used to be a time when event marketing was as simple as sending out a few flyers and hoping for the best. But in today’s competitive market, event professionals need to be prepared with a well-thought-out plan to make their event a success. Enter the 10 Ps of event marketing that makes the occasional successful, start to finish!

Event Ready will take you on a journey of event planning, from price to promotion and everything in between.


Money is always a factor when it comes to events. Is your event budget in line with industry standards? Have you thoroughly researched and compared prices for vendors, venues, and other expenses? Are ticket prices fair for the value your attendees will receive?

Without strategically managing your expenses, your event marketing can backfire and leave you empty seats and unhappy guests. You don’t also want to price yourself out of your target market or overspend.


Don’t just rely on word of mouth or a Facebook event page to promote your event. Evaluate the best channels to reach your target audience and create a comprehensive marketing plan. This may include print materials, email campaigns, social media advertising, and partnerships with relevant organizations.

Remember, promotion is that integral factor without which your event management efforts may fall flat. Your goal is to maximize attendance while staying true to your event’s message and brand.


Businesses fail to understand the importance of location when it comes to event success. Is your venue easily accessible? Does it fit the theme and atmosphere you’re trying to create? Will it accommodate all necessary features, like chairs and tables for a sit-down dinner or enough space for a concert crowd to mingle comfortably? All these and more should be considered when selecting a location for your event.

Discuss with your event management experts for their recommendations, and consider conducting a site visit before signing any contracts.


Your product or service is the primary reason for your event marketing, so you must be clear on what it is and how it will be presented at the event. Special attention must be given to the demonstration and explanation of the product to ensure maximum impact on your target audience. This includes the process of launching or unveiling the product, as well as any accompanying materials such as brochures or giveaways.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence refers to the tangible elements that contribute to the event experience, such as the location, decor, and food and beverage options. These elements should reinforce the event theme and leave a lasting impression on attendees. From the color to the layout, every detail counts. So give extra attention to these event marketing features to show attendees that you’ve thought of everything.


As you put your head together with the event management company, it’s essential to have a transparent process in place for the event to ensure smooth operations. This involves planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all event activities. Event marketing must also include the execution and follow-up of the event, such as post-event surveys and analysis.

The process itself may not be the most exciting aspect of event marketing. Still, it’s a crucial component of your business’s success.


Here’s an important question: what if your company only sells services? To clear it up, packaging in the context of event marketing doesn’t always mean physical packaging, like a box or container. It’s about presenting your event attractively and desirably to potential attendees.

Perhaps it’s using a trendy color scheme or popular event technology to enhance the attendee experience. Whatever it may be, the packaging is all about enticing people to buy your product or service.


Positioning is about setting yourself apart from the competition. How can you differentiate your event from others in the same industry?

Maybe it’s offering unique experiences or executing a fresh take on a traditional event format. Whatever the case, positioning is crucial in standing out in today’s saturated event marketing. Do some research and see how you can set yourself apart.


Selecting the right people to work on and attend your event is essential to its success. This includes your team members, vendors, speakers, and attendees. Your event management team should be knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about the event they are putting on.

When it comes to vendors, make sure they align with your event’s values and can provide the services you need. Choose speakers that offer expertise in your event’s topic and will attract attendees. And as for attendees, target your marketing efforts toward the right demographics to ensure a successful turnout.



If you’re not doing this already, we highly recommend that you bring the aspect of personalization beyond your event marketing and management. Personalization means tailoring your event offerings to specific target audiences and making them feel like they are truly valued as individuals.

You can also add personal touches to enhance their event experience, such as sending personalized thank-you notes or offering customized swag bags.

Bonus P: Perks

Ah, the little extras can make a difference in attendees’ eyes. Think about offering perks such as VIP upgrades, early bird specials, or freebies with event registration. These added bonuses can drive up ticket sales and leave a lasting impression on attendees. Just make sure that the perks you’re offering align with your event’s overall theme and message.

Ending Note:

So there you have it – the 10 Ps of event marketing. If you can ensure all of these are in place, your next event should be a smashing success! But if you need some help getting started or want to outsource any of these aspects, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable event management team. The expert’s touch will only add to your event’s success.

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