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Representing Peers: Strategies To Promote A Call For Papers

Do you want to get your call for papers (CFP) in front of more people? Are you looking for ways to promote it beyond your personal and professional networks? Academic conferences provide an important opportunity for scholars to share their work with fellow researchers and develop new ideas. If you organize a conference, it is crucial to promote the call for papers to generate interest and attract submissions.

Relevant Online Platforms

One way to promote your CFP is to post it on relevant online platforms. For example, you can post your CFP on the websites of professional organizations that are related to your conference topic. You can also post your CFP on online directories that list academic conferences. In addition, you can use social media to promote your CFP. You can create a Twitter hashtag for your conference and tweet about the CFP using this hashtag. You can also post information about the CFP on Facebook and LinkedIn groups relevant to your conference topic.

Reach Out to Speakers

Another way to promote your CFP is to reach out to potential speakers and ask them to spread the word about the conference. You can also send emails or personal messages to scholars you think would be interested in presenting at your conference.

Print & Online Advertisement

You can also promote your CFP through print and online advertisements. You can purchase advertising space on websites relevant to your conference topic. You can also take out ads in academic journals or magazines.

By promoting your CFP, you will increase the chances of receiving high-quality submissions from scholars who are experts in their field.

Some Tips to Help You Get Started

There are many different ways to call for papers and to promote your calls on social media, in academic journals and newsletters, and at research conferences. Here are some smart tricks to help you get started:

  1. Start by researching the most relevant conferences, journals, and professional organizations in your field. These are usually the best platforms for getting your call out there to potential contributors.
  2. Once you have established a list of appropriate platforms, consider using email campaigns, social media promotion, and direct mailings to reach out to a wider audience with your call. Target personal contacts who might be interested in submitting work and relevant communities online.
  3. When putting together your call itself, be sure to include all of the basic information that potential contributors will need – such as submission guidelines and deadlines – as well as any unique or interesting details about your project that could entice people to submit their work.

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