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An Energizing Interactive Floor Plan – How It Helps Event Planners

Event planners have the difficult task of ensuring the event is a success while the guests are in attendance. The more excitement the participants experience, the better the event will go. This is where an energizing interactive floor plan plays a considerable role. It helps bring life and energy to the designated space for attendees to enjoy during their time at your event.

Event planners often find the process of designing the floorplan for events to be a tedious task. The event planner will have to consider the size and shape of the venue, the number of attendees, and the types of activities that need to take place to map out an interactive floor plan accurately.

This blog post will discuss how using our energizing interactive floor plan tool can make it easier for event planners by making mapping out their events more efficient and less time-consuming.

The Interactive Floor Plan Tool

The interactive floor plan by Event Ready was developed to provide a more efficient way for event planners to visualize their event space and make it easier on the budget. The Interactive floor plan is an innovative tool designed to save money, time, and resources while also making the event planner’s life much simpler. It provides a better understanding of how different layouts will look before they are implemented in real life. It helps the event planner and the production team reduce wasted effort or materials during setup, which can be especially important when dealing with tight deadlines or budgets.

Helps to Visualize the Event in the Best Possible Manner

Event planners are the ones who have the difficult task of coming up with the best visual representation of the event they plan to organize. They need a way to bring their vision to life. This must happen in the most accurate manner possible to avoid wasting time or money on material that might later prove unnecessary. The Interactive Floor Plan tool allows you to do just that by helping the planners visualize the event with ease.

The tool allows you to zoom into the screen to get a clear picture of your imaginary setup and helps you switch between different colors or layouts with the click of a button.

Some of the features of this fantastic tool include:

  • The ability to plan events beyond traditional boundaries, 
  • Focus on designing layouts, 
  • Adjust interchangeable options like tables, chairs, etc.
  • Zoom in with the floor plan to get a clear picture of the layout, even when the measurements are small or precise.

Enables You to Walk into Your Event Virtually

This tool enables the event planners to walk into their setup and experience the layout virtually. It also helps the planner change the color or style of the floor plan, making it easy for them to visualize how they’d like the room set up. When event planners can set up their environment on a digital platform, they can test how it would be in real life before ordering any equipment for an upcoming corporate party, wedding reception, trade show, or conference.

Event Ready in Atlanta, GA, is proud to offer the energizing Interactive Floor Plan for event planners, which helps them plan interactive floor plans that are flexible and dynamic. With an interactive floor plan, you can create a custom layout in minutes with no need to spend hours on tedious calculations or drawing by hand! The best part about it? You can request your free demo today!