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5 Ways To Streamline Non-Profit Event Registration

Event registration is a crucial step in hosting a successful event. Since it involves several details, it can be a struggle to manage event registration successfully.

The event management experts at Event Ready in Dallas, TX, share five ways to streamline non-profit event registration!

The Right Registration Software is Essential!

Event registration tools should be part of event management software solutions. Your organization most likely wouldn’t want to purchase these features separately, so make sure you evaluate all aspects of your event management software before purchasing one!

Offer Killer Ticket Packages For Your Registrants

It’s a great idea to offer various ticket packages for your registrants. For example, registrants could purchase VIP tickets to reserve better seats, have more access to event specifics, food, and much more. You could provide samples or merchandise for early bird registrants. It should all connect with your business goals, the event, your brand and company, and your offering. You can also offer other incentives such as free parking spaces near the venue.

A Microsite Increases Brand and Event Integrity

All high-end events like TED Xs, university-level Olympiads have a microsite. Make sure all vital information about your event can be easily accessed on one easy-to-understand web page! This includes the date, time, and location of your event, as well as a description of what attendees can expect.

Including a video or slideshow on the microsite is also a great way to give potential attendees a taste of what to expect from your event. If you have any high-profile speakers lined up, be sure to list them on the microsite as well. Finally, make sure to include contact information if people have any questions.

Keep the Registration Form Short

Do you know how online donation forms are short and sweet? The same goes for event registration. Keep things simple with a limited number of required fields, like your donors’ contact information. Ask for relevant contact info only, like their email or contact number. Your guests want to attend your event. They are not applying for a job and are not undergoing an FBI investigation.

Also, when they are paying or providing information, make sure the process is quick. The lesser prompts, the better.

Give Your Guests Something to Remember

One of the most critical steps in hosting an event is ensuring your guests are comfortable and happy. This can be done by providing great food, an engaging environment and atmosphere, and entertainment. You need to ensure your attendees enjoy themselves. When it comes to seating arrangements, make sure people get what they ask for. While you will keep it first-come-first-serve, of course, try giving all of your attendees a reason to enjoy.

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